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Premium and Premium Gold memberships

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Premium members are users who have chosen to pay a small annual fee to support the Critique Circle. They receive access to more tools and services than Standard users.

Below we have listed the benefits of being a Premium member on CC:

Private Queues

You can create your own private queues. You can choose to create several types of queues and invite people to them. The queues can run on CC´s credit system, or without credits, depending on what you and your critique partners prefer. The queues can be many-to-one which means you submit stories and other people critique them, or many-to-many, which means all the people in your crit group can submit stories and critique each other. This is the ideal setup for critique groups, or for a dedicated reader system for a novel. It's also the ideal system for those who prefer to keep their manuscripts private, only viewable by selected few. You can even create a queue only viewable by yourself, and store your chapters there as backup.

The Novel system

Access to the Critique Circle Novel system, allowing you to structure your submission into a single cohesive novel, providing you with a marvellous way to keep your readers interested and critting.

Full Manuscript crit

The Full Manuscript crit feature enables you to give and receive macro crits on an entire manuscript, at a credit price that you and your critter mutually agree upon. Click HERE for more details.

Revise story while it's in the queue

You can edit your stories while they're still in the queue before they come up for review. Please note that placeholders are not allowed at Critique Circle.

Discount on submitting consecutive stories

You get a one credit discount when submitting a story in the public queues while you already have a submission in the queue or up for review, making it more affordable to stack submissions.

Outlining Workshop

You are given complete access to the massively useful Outlining workshop. You're able to create an unlimited number of characters as well as create your own templates for character creations. You're even able to publish your templates so others can create characters with your help.

Full access to all tools

You get full access to all the tools here at Critique Circle. You're for example able to create an unlimited number of characters in the character workshop, you're able to save names from the name generator, and use of the manuscript progress tool is unlimited.

Buddy List

Premium members are able to utilize the Critique Circle's powerful Buddy list feature. This enables you to receive notification if a friend of yours submits a story for review, solves an exercise, writes on the board, etc. This is for example useful for private crit groups where the members don't have much time to socialize, but want to keep track of what their buddies are up to. Your buddies are also only a click away when sending messages. You can have up to 24 buddies on your list.

Change your Profile Header

When you sign up as a Premium member, you have the exclusive choice of being able to change your profile header. Click on your username on top of the page in the right corner and choose Public profile. Then click on Edit my profile where you can change your profile header.

Access to Premium Forums

The Premium Forums are exclusively for the use of our Premium members.

Arrange Queues

You can arrange your queues any way you choose. Don't let CC's automatic Queue ordering bog you down, take charge of your own queue arrangement!

Huge message box

Our Premium members message box can handle up to 250 messages in either the inbox or the outbox (up to 500 in total). Additionally, messages never expire, so you don't have to worry about losing messages.

Unlimited number of books in the library

As a Premium member, you don't have a restriction on how many books you can have in the library on your profile page. The sky's the limit!

More information about our Premium subscription and price HERE.

We created an introduction video of the benefits of becoming a Premium member on CC:

Click here for more information and pricing.

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Premium Gold Membership adds another layer to the benefits of Premium Membership by expanding the benefits.

In addition to premium benefits, these extras are also included:

Unlimited message box 

CC won't delete any of your messages!

Unlimited number of people in your personal forum 

You are no longer restricted by the 20-member maximum.

24 member Queues

You can have up to 3x24 member private queues on your account!

Up-for-review editing 

Unlike normal Premium Membership, which only allows for editing prior to a story being up for review, Premium Gold Membership allows users to make minor edits their stories while they are live in the public queues. Note that you cannot replace the whole story while it's up for review but you can edit individual paragraphs to fix small issues.

No archive of stories 

Normally, stories are archived after a certain period of time to conserve space. As a Gold Member, your stories don't get archived unless you want them to!

No advertisements

Premium Gold members have the option to configure or even turn off advertisement completely through your settings panel. We do appreciate you visiting the sponsors from time to time though as it helps to run CC.

Twice as many buddies

You can have up to 48 members on your buddy list instead of 24 which is the limit for Premium members. Never lose track of a friend you've made on CC.

If you currently have a premium account and want to upgrade to Gold, please send a message to administrator and we will give you a quote for the upgrade.

For more information on Premium Gold Membership, click here.

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Do you have a novel manuscript on your computer that you would like to receive full crits on rather than chapter-by-chapter or inline crits?

Are you thinking to yourself that you'd rather just send someone your manuscript in email rather than send it through CC because it's easier?

If the answer to these are 'Yes' then the Full-Manuscript Crit option might be for you! 

A Full-Manuscript Crit is submitted to a special type of story which is called Attachment Story.

This story type can only be submitted by Premium members and allows them to upload a file which is attached to a story submission. The reviewers can then download this file to give a crit on the entire manuscript from the author.

The way credits work for these submissions is different than for other stories. If the story is submitted into a creditless queue there are simply no credits involved. However, if the story is submitted into a credit Queue, the author starts by paying 3 credits to submit the story. Then, for each critique received, the author can select to pay 5 to 50 credits to the reviewer on a member-by-member basis.

This is important: The author of the story pays from their own credits 5-50 credits to the reviewer. Both the author and potential critter need to communicate with each other BEFORE a story is downloaded. This is both so the crit value is agreed upon AND so the author is aware that they have a private queue member working on a Full Manuscript Critique. Each member who reviews the story (which might be in several crits) incurs a cost of this number of credits to the author.

Note that this only applies to credit Queues. If you want to send your manuscript to someone without paying them credits for it you can put your submission into a credit-less queue and it works exactly the same as if you would have sent it over via email, only more convenient 

An Attachment Story cannot be submitted into the public queues.

An example of the way this works is the following:

Submitting an Attachment story

  1. The author starts to submit a story into his personal credit queue
  2. On step 2 of the 'submit story' wizard he checks 'This is an Attachment story'
  3. The author completes the submit story wizard without actually putting the story text in. He pays 3 credits for the submission.
  4. The author clicks 'View the story' on the Submit Story receipt page
  5. The author clicks 'Click here to add an attachment to this story'
  6. The author selects a file from his hard drive (maximum 2MB), for example an MS Word document called mystory.docx and clicks 'Upload file'

The story is now ready with an attached document. The author can delete the attachment and upload a new one, he can replace it by uploading another file with the same name and he can upload multiple attachments as his edits progress.

It is important for the author to use the author's notes to give directions to the critters as to which attachments to use and any technical information that needs to be conveyed.

Critting an Attachment story

  1. The critter clicks on the story and sees the attachments links where the story text is normally. He clicks on mystory.docx and downloads the file to his hard drive.
  2. The critter reads the story in the MS Word document and then critiques the story as he would normally. He chooses a 'classic' crit and submits his a crit of a part of the manuscript. He cannot use inline crits obviously.
  3. The critter continues reading the story in the MS Word document and submits additional classic crits and even a couple of template crits on the story. The critter has received no credits yet.
  4. The author now responds to some of the crits from the critter and attaches a new document with revisions
  5. The critter repeats the procedure and submits few more crits on the revised manuscript until the author is happy with the results.
  6. The author is quite happy with the crits from his critters and clicks 'Click here to distribute credits to reviewers' in the story. He can now select each of the people that sent in crits and transfer the credits from his account to their account.

You can also submit an Attachment crit on an Attachment story!

When you're critting an Attachment story you might want to do inline edits on the manuscript document. For example, in MS Word there is an option to 'track changes' and 'add comments' which is quite useful for such a crit and is similar to our own inline crits.

It is very simple to download the manuscript document from the story, make your edits and then upload this revised document into your crit. Simply click "Critique story", select classic crit, write any text you want to into the crit on CC (you don't need to write anything) and click preview.

Then, on the preview screen you need to check the option to 'Upload a file with the critique' and click Send.

Now you can select the revised document from your hard drive and attach it to the critique. Voila, you have now returned the manuscript to the author with any edits that you have. 

Both the critter and the story author can delete attachments from the crit and the critter can add as many attachments to the critique as he wants.

Please let the CC Admins know if you have any problems with the Full-Manuscript model. This is quite different from what you're used to with the critiquing process on CC. Good luck!

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Yes, but only if you are a Premium Gold Member.

Access your story, and select "edit story" at the top of the page.

If you are a Premium Member, you will only be able to edit as long as there are no crits in progress, and your story is in a private queue. If there are pending critiques, you will have to wait for the critters to submit them. 

Only premium gold members are able to edit a story in review in the public queues.

Please note that "placeholders" are not allowed.

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Premium subscribers can create their own private critique group. One of the members creates a queue (Story Queue — My Queues), and invites the other members to participate. Before creating the queue, members have to decide on issues such as how long each critique period lasts, if it runs on the CC credit system or not, etc. 

All premium subscribers can create their own queues, but it's simpler for a crit group to use one queue for their shared work. If they prefer, they can instead each submit their stories to their own personal queue, and invite their group members to that queue.

This use of the Private Queue system only allows for Premium Subscribers to be members of the Queue and you can invite a maximum of eight members into each "Private many-2-many Queue". If you wish to have more than 8 members, you must become a Gold Premium member.

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When you add people to your buddy list, you'll be notified when your buddies submit a story, a crit, write on the boards, etc.

This is useful, for example, if you primarily work within a private crit group and don't have much time to participate in other parts of the Critique Circle, but want to keep up with what your buddies are doing on the site.

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To add a buddy, go to My Buddy List and click on Add a buddy, which you see on the blue bar in the middle of the page.

You can also add a buddy by clicking "add buddy" on someones profile page or on the window that pops up when you hover over their name. You can remove someone from your buddy list in the same way.

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After you have subscribed to the Premium Membership a message telling you to choose an icon will appear in the Reminders list on the front-page.

Remember, you can only choose your icon once, so pick carefully.

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A user icon is something that Premium members get to choose when they first sign up for a premium subscription.

Please choose your icon carefully, as it's meant to be uniquely yours for the duration of your time as a CC Premium member.

If there is a compelling reason why you need a new one, please contact the administrators.

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No, the only way to earn credits is to critique other people's stories.

However, the first time you you sign up for a premium subscription you get one extra credit as a thank you.

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Some time may pass from the moment when you sign up for Premium Membership until your Premium account is activated.

If more than 24 hours pass and your membership hasn't been activated, please contact us through the message box.

Most of the time, new memberships are activated within a few hours.

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Your Subscription

5 answers

Since standard membership is free, our Premium members run this site with their donation.

If you would like to become a premium member you can go here. If you would like to see what benefits you get from a premium subscription click here.

If you are already a subscriber, you can check the current status of your premium subscription on your Account Info page. From there you can also view your subscription history.

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You should receive a message before your membership expires, with a link to a renewal page.

If you don't receive this message, or want to renew ahead of time (your new subscription period will be calculated from the day your older one expires), you can use this link:

You can check the current status of your premium subscription on your Account Information page. From there you can also view your subscription history.

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Please check your account info under My page, and you'll find this information. You'll also receive notification around a week before your account expires.

If you have a recurring subscription you'll also get a notification on the front page a week before the renewal takes place, but you do not need to do anything, unless you do not intend to renew your subscription for another term.

You'll still have access to Critique Circle after your Premium subscription expires but your personal forum and queues will be closed.

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You can see on "My page" when your subscription expires. Two weeks before your subscription lapses you'll get a message.

When you choose not to renew, your private queues and forums will no longer be available to you. They are kept for some time, unless you request otherwise, so that everything is where you left it if you choose to return.

If you downgrade from premium gold to premium, your queues go from 24 member to 8 members, and the gold-only features will not be available anymore.

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You can cancel your recurring subscription at any time from your account profile page. On that page you can see if you have an automatically recurring subscription profile and on what date you will next be charged.

Simply click on the Unsubscribe button which takes you to your Paypal page where you can cancel the recurring payment profile to Critique Circle.

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